the project

All restaurant owners or chefs should focus on the quality of dishes, first choice ingredients, cuisine novelties and being kind to customers, because these are the characteristics that make a difference for a restaurant.
At the same time, in dining, like in other fields, it is necessary to be up to date to avoid being outshined by the most innovative competitors and to keep having a hotline with one's own customers, always more demanding and present online.

Kuokko was born for this reason. It is a system that places your brand at the forefront and combines your restaurant's qualities with the enormous potential of technological innovation.

Your brand, your app!

To stand out from the sea of multi-brand multi-platforms created every day and that put everyone on the same level, it is necessary to commit oneself to a partner that appreciates your brand.
Kuokko proposes right that: it creates your app for on line orders for ios and android, which can be implemented also in your website, and gives you all the marketing tools suitable to keep a successful and constant hotline with your customers.

All the above said is possible thanks to a simple and easy to use app, which is also professional and elegant.

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