Easy, fast, delivery!

Your customer ìs will be happy to receive your yummy food directly at their door!

How delivery works

Delivery service consists of sending the order to the customer's place. Your customers will be able to place the order, choose the delivery time slot and wait comfortably for the service. In addition it will be possible to choose delivery to another address or delivery to a specific location such the beach umbrella or a stand at a fair.
Furthermore, a series of other parameters can be managed, such as the delivery areas with the related expenses.
Your customers will be thrilled to receive your specialties directly at home and you will be able to increase your business!

What if you don't have drivers among your employees?
You do not need to worry as we have partnerships with leading companies in the sector throughout Italy, who can make their riders available for your deliveries at a very competitive prices.

You can manage all settings on your own.
You have the chance to set time slots, intervals and technical times, any costs to be applied to the order and the calendar with weekly hours.
You can set the city zones, postcode or draw the area directly on the map and for each one you can set times and specific cost of delivery.
Included in our offer, you will find SpeedyK app, which will allow you to manage your delivery drivers or integrated drivers from Glovo and Stuart.
In case you are busy, you will be able to manually blocking orders for a specific period of time.

Kuokko's app can be managed by yourself freely.

real advantages for your activity

  • It improves the restaurant operations
  • It improves the customer experience
  • Sales rise
  • It boosts your business
  • It keeps you competitive.
  • Customer loyalty.

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