Create the app for your street food!

With Kuokko, your brand and your customers come first.

Through your iPhone and Android apps, your customers will be able to easily order take away food
and collect it at the fixed time and place.

Discover more about Kuokko,
the system that gives your Street Food business a competitive and real advantage.

An easy and intuitive control panel.

You will be surprised by how easy is handling your menu, schedule, promotions and order parameters ...
... at any time by web from the pc, tablet or smartphone.

The platform is safe and protected. You will only need your personal details to access the system and it will be possible to create accounts for your employees giving the permits you will deem more reasonable.

Your app for online orders, anywhere.

Your customers will be able to order directly from your website and from your iPhone and Android applications.

Whenever they need you, you will be always available!

Your customers will interact directly with you.

It's all very simple. Your customers will connect to your app, choose the place of collection, the products and will send their order. You will prepare it and they will collect it on the fixed date and time.

Few steps for your customers, more orders for you, more satisfaction and advantages for both.

Allergens? Kuokko is compliant with the law!

Kuokko integrates also a very important feature for allergenic handling.

Thus, it allows a real solution to comply with the latest law regulations in relation with allergenics.

real advantages

  • Improve your take away business
  • It improves the customer experience
  • Sales rise
  • It boosts your business
  • It keeps you competitive.
  • Compliant.

We promote your business.

Kuokko proposes you an array of tools to keep your customers and help you boosting your business every day.
Your growth is our growth.