Your app will be exponentially more profitable if you promote it to your customers and give them an incentive to use it.
With minimal effort, you will see incredible results. Here's what you can do and how we can help you get the most out of your personalized restaurant app.

Push notification

A push notification system linked to updates is integrated into the app.
When orders and bookings are confirmed or new products and discount codes are entered, push notifications will automatically be sent to your customers who will always be informed of the operations that concern them.

Flyers, card, totem ...

It's important to promote your app even offline. You can use flyers or totems inside and outside at your restaurant, insert cards in the food boxes and many other solutions.

Social sharing

Use social media to get your business and app known. You can create content aimed at hitting your customers and finding new ones.


Create newsletters to keep customers informed about your activities and take the opportunity to remind them to download and use your app for online orders.

Remember also that ...

Any type of promotion you decide to activate to make your app known,
our staff is at your disposal to create with you the best solution based on your needs.